My FOSS projects

Updated list of the projects I'm working on:

  • Mail Dispatcher (role: admin, platform: Python/PyGTK) - A tool for dispatching (basically, deleting) email messages on POP3 server via Plain or SSL connection with advanced filtering capabilities.
  • DHCP Explorer (role: admin, platform: Python) - A console cross-platform tool for locating all available DHCP servers.
  • sdict2db (role: admin, platform: C#/WinForms) - Parser for SDict-based format dictionaries with ability to save in a SQL server (with creating table, index and filling data) and in a text file (SDict text format).
  • DNN Dictionary (role: admin, platform: C#/DotNetNuke) - A DotNetNuke module for translating texts using SDict-based ( dictionaries. It works using AJAX mechanism so there is no pages reloading during translating.
  • Geek Workspace (role: admin, platform: Python/PyQt4) - Geek Workspace is a desktop environment aimed for developers, scientists, engineers and students. The key point is a programmed control over all elements of the environment, including modifying it in a runtime.
  • QTermWidget (role: PyQt4-binding developer, platform: C++/Qt4) - Terminal emulation widget based on KDE4 Konsole, rewritten entirely with QT4.
  • CodeExample (role: admin, platform: Python/Trac) - The Trac plugin for code examples colouring. It support three types of examples - a simple, a correct and an incorrect.

Although I'm not working with these project very often, I provide maintenance for them, and have certain plans, like:

  • Move to Git as DVCS.
  • Update the code for compatibility with newer platforms and programming languages.
  • Add required unit-tests (ideally I want to provide full code coverage).
  • Add required documentation, examples and web pages.


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