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Useful Python executable modules

In the article "Using Python command line" I've described some executable modules and now want to give more details about the most interesting ones. I do not pretend to cover everything, just want to point out some directions where you can go if you find this useful.

The executable module which I use if there is no possibility to send files from one computer to another by other methods (ssh, smb, ftp etc). It is not so fast, but can be very useful sometimes. The usage is very simple - just change directory to the required one, and start SimpleHTTPServer:

Very simple module - just shows the year calendar:

Very simple download manager. Useful if you want to download a file or a page via command line, but don't have wget utility (for example, in Windows). Now you don't even need to open IE for FF downloading:
$ python -m urllib "" > firefox_setup.exe