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Geek Desktop Solution project

In my free time I have started working on the new GPL project named "Geek Desktop Solution" (GDS). The project is a desktop (like KDE or GNOME) aimed for keyboard jedi and other technical geeks. It was inspired by SciFi movies especially "Stargate Atlantis". Rodney McKay, Chief Scientific Officer of the Atlantis Expedition, created his programs (or macros as it was called in the movie) interactively and very fast. I thought how it can be done and found a solution that makes this interactive and fast programming possible. The main concepts of GDS are: All environment items can be programmatically modified by user.The interactive shell is an entry point of the desktop - all operations can be performed using the shell.There is no mouse requirements - the user can operate the desktop using shell or keyboard shortcuts only.But at the same time almost all operations can be performed with the mouse (for touchscreen-based devices without keyboards).The desktop consists…