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DIY: Business cards in LaTeX

Business card can be handy in many cases, and it's not a big deal to create it at home. Let me show one of the methods.


We need to have:
matte presentation paper (weight 44 lb/165 g/m2 in my case);razor paper trimmer (I've used X-ACTO 12" Personal Paper Trimmer, but can't recommend it - it has a habit to stuck in the middle of the trimming process);printer (don't know about laser printers, but ink one works fine for me);LaTeX software. The last point can be challenging, because LaTeX is not so smooth and user friendly as it can be. My basic recommendations:

install Perl (it's required by auto-pst-pdf package);update/install all the required LaTeX packages (e.g., some Linux distributions provide incredible old LaTeX packages);use "-shell-escape" command line option for pdflatex command;if nothing helps, don't use "auto-pst-pdf", but build DVI/PS file, and convert it to PDF.
Single business card
The code (based on LaTeX QR Bas…