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Running arbitrary containers in LinuxKit

Debugging issues with LinuxKit images could be a serious challenge in some cases. Unfortunately, the documentation is not full enough to cover all the caveats, and in this article I'm going to show the general principle how to deal with arbitrary containers and run the commands in them.

Using LinuxKit on real hardware

LinuxKit is a promising toolkit for building secure, portable and lean operating systems for containers. One of its advantages is having a predictable container set (in other words, installed packages in the system), hence providing a homomorphic environment for QA and benchmarking tests. However, the project is fairly new, and users may have problems setting and running it up, especially on the real hardware. The documentation and packages are under way, but it's already possible to get it working.

Getting PID in Java/Scala (cross-platform)

The Scala/Java environment has a certain lack of features regarding process management - it's in a very good shape, but sometimes we need more. It's totally understable considering that the underlaying system is the JVM (in most cases), however once in a while we have to leave the sandbox. That was the case I've faced, and it got me to the problem how to get the ID of the process I started in JVM for various operating systems.