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IELTS Results

My results:
Listening: 7.5Reading: 7.5Writing: 6.5Speaking: 6.5Overall Band Score: 7.0My wife's results:
Listening: 7.0Reading: 7.0Writing: 6.5Speaking: 8.5Overall Band Score: 7.5Results are acceptable in despite of the problems with the equipment during the exam, and that it was boring and tedious, especially writing section.

Trac Ticket Workflow

Trac is the wiki and issue tracking system that is the most used for my software development projects. Let me share few hints about its ticket workflow, especially about the statuses, the roles of the participants, and let me give an example of the workflow config. But if you are interested in other things like Trac plugins, source browser, customizing, etc, let me know.

All the information given below regards the workflow described at the end of the article. The original Trac workflow is missed vital features like the support for ticket verifying, or the required ticket statuses range, so I do not use it in my projects.

The description of the main statuses:
new - the ticket has been created;in-progress - the developer has began to work with the ticket;fixed - the ticket is fixed (the problem issued in the ticket is solved);verified - the ticket is verified (tester or PM has verified that the ticket is fixed correctly);closed - the ticket is closed (it's not required to care about …

Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Slesarev
Burnaby, BC, Canada CONTACTS email:
website: EXPERIENCE NuData Security
2014 - present Senior Feature Developer Recruit, organize and mentor a team of junior/intermediate/senior software developers. Develop security analytics backend and infrastructure in PHP/Python with MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis and HDFS/S3. Develop client libraries to communicate with the backend for Java/C#/Ruby/PHP/Python/JS/Perl programming languages and DemandWare/Salesforce platforms. Mobile SDK and apps to communicate with the backend for Android, iOS and UWP. Research anti-fraud strategies and applying machine learning methods to detect malicious activities. Big Data analysis with Amazon RDS, Tableu and Apache Spark/Scala. Collaborate with Fortune 500 clients' representatives to deliver the best results. Fortinet
2011 - 2014