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CodeExample plugin for Trac version 1.0 has been released

The CodeExample renders a code example box that supports syntax highlighting. It support three types of examples: simple, correct, and incorrect.

I've made the major changes to the plugin and now it is fully compatible with Trac 0.11 and Trac 0.12.

Changelog from version 0.3:

Support for multiply repositories (Trac 0.12 and upper) has been added.Collapsing/expanding code blocks have been implemented.Ability to change title has been added.Options using has been reimplemented.
Two examples (the first gets source from repository, the second contains the code inside):
{{{ #!CodeExample ## type = good ## title = GPGData sample code ## repo = MacGPGME ## path=GPGData.m ## regex="static void releaseCallback\(.*" ## lines=4 #!objective-c }}}
{{{ #!CodeExample ## type = bad #!haskell fibs = 0 : 1 : [ a + b | a <- fibs | b <- tail fibs ] }}}
These will be rendered as:

See details on trac-hacks CodeExampleMacro page.

Using Farstream for videoconferencing

I see a lot of comments about Gstreamer videoconferencing abilities, so I want to continue this topic and say a few words about the Farstream project.

Gstreamer is the one of Collabora's flagship projects. This company is developing other projects based on Gstreamer, and Farstream is exact project for audio and video conferencing. With Farstream, businesses can easily create a multi-platform, multi-user audio/video conference solution that supports a wide range of codecs. Simply put, Farstream (formerly Farsight) is an advanced VoIP/video streaming engine capable of dealing with all known audio/video conferencing protocols.

Quote from the project description:

Philippe Kalaf began the Farstream project in 2005. He was aiming to create a simple-to-use framework that implemented multiple audio/video streaming protocols. Most of the initial work on Farstream focused on the protocol agnostic API and the RTP plugin. Over the years, the RTP plugin has matured into a very complete RTP…