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Moving to Canada

I'm going to immigrate to Canada, and the first step is complete – I have received a reference number from the FSW Centralized Intake Office. I had applied as Computer and Information Systems Manager due to my job position now (Project Manager) which I hold more than 5 years.

The next challenge is an IELTS exam that I have to pass in the next few weeks.

Seven Ws (composing brief software requirements)

Quis, quid, quando, ubi, cur, quem ad modum, quibus adminiculis.
(Who, what, when, where, why, in what way, by what means)
Hermagoras of Temnos

Quotation above is created by Hermagoras for defining seven "circumstances" as a way of the formulating or analyzing rhetorical questions. But it is useful for many other areas, like for composing brief software requirements. Sometimes it's essential for us to analyze the perspective project as fast as possible, without creating tremendous SRS, but merely ask few questions and begin to work. Especially, it relates to Agile Development, and can be easily used as a reference point for starting a project.

Let us interpret these questions to ones of the sample meanings:
Who will use that project?What kind of software does the project represent?When should the project be delivered to the end users?Where is the project intended to be used?Why would the project be successful?In what way is the project supposed to work?By what means will …

Thunderbird Grammar Checker add-on

Official Thunderbird Grammar Checker add-on:

Back-end functionality is based on LanguageTool functionality (in particular, the add-on uses its webserver). Though it can work without any further customization, it is strongly recommended to setup a local LT server (see below), and change the add-on preferences to use your server. By default, the add-on uses the local server and falls back to public LT server (that can't handle the high load and can't guarantee the privacy).
The grammar checking is available via Tools menu, the context menu and the corresponding toolbar button.
Language and server settings can be changed using the add-on preferences:

Supported languages: English (en), Dutch (nl), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Polish (pl), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv), Ukrainian (uk), Asturian (ast), Belarusian (be), Breton (br), Catalan (ca), Chinese (zh), Danish (d…

New articles

I have published several articles on website. I hope you'll find them useful and interesting:

Software System Requirements QuestionnaireSQL in large-scale systemsArchitecture of large-scale systemsDjango speed, stability and securityThe website doesn't allow to post comments, so you can leave your remarks, suggestions and complaints here. Enjoy!