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wxWidgets and OpenSSL

Securing connections is always a good idea and OpenSSL provides a number of handy ways to do it. Blocking OpenSSL API is the most easiest to use and it could provide a working solution in no time, however it doesn't work with wxWidgets library so smooth as one may hope. I spent some time to find the reason why my application doesn't work as intended (plain sockets work just fine though) and had to do a little research on that matter.

Regardless of the flags you provide to wxSocketServer it always creates a socket on the new connection with that ioctl call (UnblockAndRegisterWithEventLoop function in include/wx/unix/private/sockunix.h):

ioctl(m_fd, FIONBIO, &trueArg);

Basically, it just makes the socket non-blocking. I don't know is it a bug or feature, but we have it now and have to deal with it. Naturally all blocking OpenSSL API doesn't work and we have to develop the code using non-blocking behaviour. However, it's pretty easy to use if we emulate the blocki…