iPod torment

Apple iPod is very fractious device, and you should be certain in all your actions when you working with it.

It so happened that all music on iPod is disappear (probably after incorrect ejecting). Although during connection to Rhythmbox everything was fine (playlists and songs were working properly), the device itself showed "No Music". Digging the Internet showed that the only true way to fix it is repairing using iTunes. But unfortunately iTunes is working only in Windows and MacOSX, neither of these I have. So I tried to find another way.

Further digging lead me to this article. So I downloaded Floola and started it (please notice that it is required to have libstdc++-compat libraries installed).

Floola didn't find iPod in its database and I had to enter required generation (using info from wikipedia) and fwid (16 digit number from "sudo /sbin/lsusb -v | grep -i Serial"). Floola tried to open iPod with this info, but it doesn't help and it closed with warning.

But the main magic already happened - after ejecting iPod begin to work. It is real strange and weird, but it is true :) The moral is:

  • Make backups often;
  • Use good and reliable music players;
  • iPod is very nice, but be cautious.


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